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Pizza Boy GBA Pro APK v2.0.5 (Patched/Sync Work)

Pizza Boy GBA Pro APK v2.0.5 (Patched/Sync Work)
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Enhancements in comparison withthe free model:

– LovelyGUI
– Customizable skins
– Cheats
– Google Drive sync
– Fast/Auto save
– Nativeand Wifi multiplayer
– An enhanced settings menu
– Improved system
– BIOS help
– Cartridges {hardware} (gyroscope, mildsensor, tilt sensor, rumble pack) help
– Rewind

Frequentoptionswith Pizza Boy GBA Free

– Very excessivescores in precision checks
– Completelywritten in C and meetingfor unbelievableefficiencyand low battery consumption
– moneyin of OpenGL and OpenSL native libraries for video and audio efficiencyto the best
– 60 FPS assuredeven on outdated{hardware}
– Save and restore states
– Gradualmovement/Quickahead
– Buttons measurementand placecompletecustomization
– {Hardware} joypads help
– Shaders
– Helpszip and 7z archives

Warning! Roms not included!

- New multiplayer! Note: this is not compatible with older version of pizza boy gba pro
- Improved access to Rom Folders
- Added missing boxarts
- Joypad Y button won't longer open menu by default
- Fixed concurrency on rom scanning
- Added logs
- Fixed "change icon" function
- Fixed remove of the rom folder
Pizza Boy GBA Pro APK v2.0.5 (Patched/Sync Work)
Download Pizza Boy GBA Pro APK v2.0.5 (Patched/Sync Work) 
Patched/Sync Work
Pizza Boy GBA Pro APK v1.37.4 (Patched/Sync Work)
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