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DC legends (UNLOCK ALL) for android

DC legends  (UNLOCK ALL)  for android
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DC Legends mod apk (UNLOCK ALL) for Android is a consistent strategy for your device, where you will fight in the DC comic universe. You need to save the world from the nightmarish Necron, who created the corpus of black lights to destroy the superheroes fighting on the right side. Here you can contemplate all the personalities that are present in this universe, both superheroes and supervillains. Gather together, lead a mighty Justice League and give a sharp rebuff to the most significant evil spirits.

Formulate your strategy for fighting and battles and avoid oversight because the heroes of such a global level are unforgivable mistakes. Each character has unique features that need to be used in time in a particular situation. Group the team and make it so that your heroes’ capabilities are combined and act as reliable weapons. You have the opportunity to compete with your buddies in a superhero fight. The game will give you lively animation and high-quality animated graphics. You need to periodically strengthen the capabilities of your heroes and upgrade them as much as possible.

Try the Flash Speed ​​Limit or see how the X-ray vision of Superman works. The game is multi-player, and you can compete against other users from all over the world. Come into the play every day, so as not to miss the unique prize drawings. You can also collect all the outfits for your heroes, for example, to assemble a collection of Batman costumes. You look at your favorite characters. On the other hand, here, they will open all their abilities to the maximum. Download the hacked version of the game DC legends mod – God mode is available from our site.

Features DC Legends:

  • superhero strategy from the DC comics universe developed by Warner;
  • assemble a Justice League team to counter supervillains;
  • high-quality graphics and animation.

DC Legends keeps getting better!

* There are new options to earn and claim free loot!
* Tell friends about your favorite game with the Referral feature!
* Participate in the monthly Raid Boss to earn amazing rewards!
* New exclusive skins every month!
* And many Bug fixes!

Check out the new DC Heroes and Villains!

* Kyle Rayner: White Lantern joins the battle!
* Nekron, Lord of the Unliving, summons the dead to serve him!
DC legends  (UNLOCK ALL)  for android
Download DC legends (UNLOCK ALL) for android 

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